In my images, I seek to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary. Whether on the streets of New York or in the wilderness of Wyoming, I like to challenge my audience to think and reflect. My unique style can be attributed to my desire to always push the envelope, work with diverse equipment (amongst others: Holga 120, 35mm, large format, medium format and digital) and use the knowledge I have gained in the past thirty years. 

This in no way should be considered an 'Artists Statement', for I have no pretence as to have a 'statement'.  These are my thoughts about something that I love, photography.


I have just returned from Paris and London, and am currently updating my site with new images. On this trip I tried my hand at Holgagraphy, where I shot with a twenty dollar plastic camera (plastic lens). I like the look of these images, and as always welcome your comments.

The images on these pages represent my latest work.
I can be contacted @917.365.7286

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